Custom NPCs

Healer - Will heal and buff you for 5 minutes. Job Master - Change your job to your desired class. Warper - Warps you to your desired location, some location needs you to finish your quest. PvP Warper - Warps you to the designated PvP area. Platinum Skill NPC - Get your platinum skill from this NPC, no need to quest. Breeder NPC - Get your mount from this NPC. Reset Girl - This NPC resets your stats or skills for a Zeny fee. Card Remover - This NPC remove cards from your equipement. Custom Tool Dealer - This NPC sells various items that will help you in your adventures. Credit Agent - This NPC trades your Zeny to a Credit. Daily Quest NPC - Gives you a mission daily. Daily Quest Shop - You can exchange your daily rewards on this NPC to buy BSBs and other stuff. Daily Rewards - Gives you your daily rewards upon using the command @dailies, @dailyrewardlist. Cash Points Converter - You can exchange your Gold Coins and Donation Coins here. Costume Exchanger - This NPC can change your normal item into costume, you can also choose if you want it to be a headgear costume, middle gear costume, or lower gear costume. Outfit Stylist - This NPC can change your job costume to either 2nd Job, 3rd Job, 3rd Job Alternative (jRO) or 4th Job costume. Stylist - This NPC offers different hairstyle and color palette of your clothes and hair. Vote Assistant - This NPC will convert your Vote Points from our https://panel.havocsaga.com to items. Build Manager - This NPC saves your desired stats, you can save up to 3 builds. Quest Lady - This NPC gives you item quests for you to make all of the Cash Shop Headgears and more. Jade (Equipment Quest) - This NPC gives you equipments quest like UPG Armors, Crimson Weapons and Knights shield.
Custom Places:
  • Marketplace - The only area you can use the Merchant's Vending skill.
  • Main Office - The place where you will find most useful NPCs in the server.
  • Eden HQ - The place where you can get your Eden Quest for exp and look for party members.
  • Battlegrounds HQ - This is the waiting room for Battlegrounds.
  • World's Core - This is where World Boss will spawn, kill her and get awesome rewards.
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