We are thrilled to have you as part of our gaming community, sharing in the excitement and joy of the virtual worlds we create. Your enthusiasm fuels our passion, and we are committed to delivering even more thrilling experiences, immersive adventures, and captivating stories in the gaming realm.
🌟 Our Vision: Imagine a gaming universe where creativity knows no bounds, where every pixel is a canvas for innovation, and where your choices truly shape the course of epic sagas. This is the vision we are relentlessly pursuing, and with your support, we can turn it into a reality. Your generous donations will serve as the foundation for groundbreaking enhancements, enabling us to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming. By donating to our cause, you're not just supporting a game; you're becoming a vital part of a passionate community that's shaping the future of gaming. Together, we'll elevate entertainment to new heights, crafting experiences that will be cherished for generations to come. 🎁 Exclusive Rewards: To show our gratitude, we've prepared a range of exclusive rewards for our generous donors, including in-game perks, limited edition merchandise, behind-the-scenes access, and even opportunities to contribute your ideas to our game development process.
🌈 Every Contribution Matters: Whether you're able to give a little or a lot, every single donation makes a tangible impact on our journey. Your belief in our vision drives us forward, and we are humbled by your support.
🙏 How to Donate:
GCASH #: 0906 021 7004 GCASH Name: ED***D D.
Currently we're only accepting donations from GCASH, as the server progress we will try out best to provide as much as many payment channels as possible.
💰 Denominations: 10 USD = 550x Donation Coin 20 USD = 1200x Donation Coin 50 USD = 3250x Donation Coin 100 USD = 7000x Donation Coin
1 DC is equivalent to 2 CASH POINTS.
VIP System in Havoc SAGA is accumulated means that when you donate 10 USD today and 20 USD the next month, your total donation will be at 30 USD, and it comes with their respective VIP Tier.
VIP 1 = $100.00
  • Shadow Pendant (Costume Accessory)
    • +500 Weight Capacity / +5% bEXP/jEXP
VIP 2 = $200.00
  • Shadow Pendant (Costume Accessory)
    • +1000 Weight Capacity / +10% bEXP/jEXP
VIP 3 = $300.00
  • Shadow Pendant (Costume Accessory)
    • +1500 Weight Capacity / +15% bEXP/jEXP
    • +5% Drop Rate
VIP 4 = $400.00
  • Shadow Pendant (Costume Accessory)
    • +2000 Weight Capacity / +20% bEXP/jEXP
    • +10% Drop Rate
    • Can use Level 1 Teleport
VIP 5 = $600.00
  • Shadow Pendant (Costume Accessory)
    • +3500 Weight Capacity / +35% bEXP/jEXP
    • +20% Drop Rate
    • +5% Movement Speed
    • +10% Additional DC when donating.
    • Can use Level 1 Teleport
🌄 What to Expect? Donation Coins can be obtained not only from donating to the server, but you can also earn them through Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and Daily Log-in rewards.
We want to assure the community that this donation feature will not be game-breaking, unlike in other servers where you can purchase almost everything by simply donating to the server. Here, it's different because we plan to only sell Costume Headgears, Mounts, and other items without additional stat bonuses.
Last modified 5mo ago