Leveling Tips

Leveling in Havoc Saga differs from other servers due to our implementation of various hunting quests that cater to players' needs as they progress through the game.
Upon entering the game, you will be questioned by the Scholer located at the first spawn point of the game, just answer the questions right and you will be rewarded some freebies to make your adventure more satisfying.
Freebies List:
  • 10x Battle Manual
  • 10x Job Manual
  • 3x Bubble Gum
  • 500x Fly Wing
  • Lv 10 Agility & Blessing Scroll
  • 30x Kafra Card
  • 15x Advance WoE Supply Box
  • 1250x Novice Potion
  • Paradise Weapon: Will be given to you after you reach 1st Job Class.
  • Paradise Set & Paradise Weapon (Lv 50): Will be given to you after you change your class to 2nd Job.
If you're tired of leveling the same way that old/classic MMORPG used to be, we've made improvements to the leveling system by implementing the Eden Group HQ quest board. Just type in "@eden", and you will be warped to the Eden Group HQ.
Eden Quest Board Lvl 11 - 85
Complete quests until you reach level 85. After reaching that point, seek out someone to form a party with you in the Leveling Dungeon that we've created for everyone. Make sure to have companions, as this dungeon is quite challenging.
Leveling Dungeon NPC located at @go eden
Gray Wolf Village's Dungeon (Custom Leveling DG)
Certainly, you can still opt to level up using the traditional method taught in Classic Servers. However, I must emphasize that this path can be quite challenging and demanding.
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